HoLA is an adaptive intelligence platform, a conversational agent that enables frictionless interactions between Hoteliers and Travelers, before during and after their stay.
With HoLA is simple;


For the Guest

The only travel platform one will ever need for searching, booking, interacting and remain connected with his chosen hotels around the world;

  • Anytime, Anyplace
  • Pre, During and Post stay.

All by simply asking.

For the Hotelier

   It provides the hotelier;

  • The missing data; to design personalized experiences
  • Tools; to optimize operational efficiency and
  • A revolutionary way to streamline external and internal communications, positively affecting its bottom line.

HOLA - An intelligent conversational agent for Travelers & Hoteliers.

HoLA team

Georgios Efstratiadis

Co-founder / Head of product

Georgios is a serial entreprenour with deep technical background and strong product and business knowledge.

He is passionate, entrepreneurial and positive thinker.

Georgios has founded numerous of companies in the past including Copyrightsworld. A leading copyright and privacy protection firm.

Georgios follows closely all the new trends and he loves to work on solving big problems using latest technology.

He is a husband and a father.

Efie Tsikou

Co-founder / Business Strategy & Operations

Efie has a 13+ years of experience in Fortune 500 companies in Senior Commercial and Marketing Roles. 

She has travelled in more than 75 countries and has spent more than 1000 nights in hotel rooms around the world. 

While she loves travelling she hates how difficult it became to plan your trip and connect with the right people whenever you need to. 
HoLA and her family are her two main interests.
Efie amongst her other degrees she holds an MBA from Imperial College Business School. 
Her happy place is anywhere with good wine and books!

Board of Advisors

Digital Strategist

Product Development

Board Chair

George Achillias is a senior    C-level strategist who has more than 18 years of experience in harnessing technology and design as elements of a business strategy within an innovation ecosystem tailored to the unique needs of different organizations or industry. He has strong product and business knowledge and he has applied these in complicated global projects.

He has defined and delivered the global strategy and the innovation roadmap for FTSE200 companies and led digital transformation projects around the world.

He specializes in applying design-led and human-centric strategies into the value chain of an organization, while enhancing the current business operations. He is adaptable and versatile, and he has worked and thrived in 3 different continents working environments. His major achievement up today was that he has managed to transform the biggest insurance in the world and on the most iconic media groups into digital and innovative powerhouses.

He has a deep experience on creating ecosystems where services deliver value in an immersive experience-led way. He has a core and deep product design and deliver experience and skillset.

He is a PhDc at the Technical University of Crete; his research is focused on smart cities and the behavioural modelling of conversations between the entities of a smart cities and our digital twins. Since June 2018 he is a published co-author of the Book “Revealing The Invisible; How Our Hidden Behaviors Became The Most Valuable Commodity of the 21st Century

CEO at Roya International  Middle East’s Leading Hospitality Consulting Firm

Kees Hartzuiker is the CEO of Roya International, the oldest and longest MENA region specialist hospitality consultancy firm, delivering solutions through a wide range of expertise to the hospitality, leisure, tourism and real estate industries. Its client portfolio consists of leading private investors, blue chip organizations, governments as well as private and public sector organizations.

He oversees all aspects of the company, leading an interdisciplinary team of 55 consultants and specialists, charged with key areas such as development advisory, asset management and hospitality services. Current active portfolio is in excess of 50 hotels.

A recognized leading hotelier, Kees brings with him global expertise and experience, having assumed senior roles in three continents, initially in Europe, followed by MENA and Asia.

Prior to taking up the role in Roya, he has served as CEO of Rixos Hotels, orchestrating the transition of the chain from being regional to becoming international, shaping its strategy, structure and management tools.

A significant chapter in Kees’s career was his 28-year tenure with Hilton International, where amongst many responsibilities included all Food & Beverage development across the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions; most recently as Vice President Asia he led the company’s operations during its multi brand fast paced growth in the region, including key markets such as India and China.


Daios Dimitris

Owner Daios Hotels

Vice Chair Daios Plastics S.A

Dimitris was always attracted to travelling and exploring new destinations and experiences. At some point he dreamt of being involved, in an undefined fashion at that time, in the hospitality industry. He holds a Master Degree in Engineering, which is still his passion. To him developing and operating hotels combines the best of both worlds. 




Malioukis Alketas

Travel Industry Expert

Alketas is a professional with more than 10 years of experience in the travel industry.
He has served in senior management positions at Amadeus, Sabre and currently at Kiwi.com where he leads the Global Partnerships and Sales of the company.
He holds an MBA from Strathclyde Business School and an Msc in Digital Marketing from Athens University of Economics and Business.

Tech Partners

Lecturer at Department of Tourism Management, TEI of Western Greece.

John is teaching in Tourism Information Systems, Research in Forecasting Tourism Time-Series & Tourism Data Analysis

Thanasis Koutras

Lecturer at Department of Tourism Management, TEI of Western Greece.

In 1996 Thanasis received his Diploma of Electrical and Computer Engineer from the Polytechnic School of Patras and his PhD Diploma in 2001 from the same Department. His PhD Thesis title was “Blind speech separation and speech recognition in a multisimultaneous speaker environment”. His is currently an Assistant Professor, in the Department of Computer & Informatics Engineering, TEI of Western Greece.

He has worked as a researcher in more than 10 R&D Projects with the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineer at the University of Patras as well as the Medical School of Patras in collaboration with the RIKEN Institute in Japan (Human Brain Dynamics Lab).
I am the author of more than 45 research scientific papers in journals as well as Conference Proceedings in the area of Digital Signal Processing, Biomedical Signal Processing, Blind Source Separation, Speech Recognition, Pattern Recognition, EEG and MEG data analysis. I am currently a member of IEEE, ENNS, ISCA and TCG and the Editor in Chief of the Advances in Signal Processing Journal, of the HRPUB.

Alkiviades Panagopoulos

Lecturer at Department of Tourism Management, TEI of Western Greece.

Alkiviades Panagopoulos is a professor at School of Economics & Business of University of Patras and Director of the Tourism Information Systems and Forecasting Laboratory. His research interests include the development and use of forecasting methods of statistical data with applications in tourism, intelligent information systems in tourism, evaluation models of tourist web sites and scientific calculations to predict the dynamic behavior of systems described by differential equations. From 2005 till today has participated in various development and research European programs as researcher and Scientific Director in the field of tourism and tourism education.

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